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Starless And Bible Black Sabbath[1]

(or This ain’t the Summer of Love)

Hadit! Passed the stars to void field glimmer to rend veil and durational chamber sonorous.

Flash! Death nettle broken nightshade: Still warm Ancient electric, archaic, cosmic, doubt… clash! Straight to their eyeball wicks, heretic, frolic, skeptic… critics fade out, flash! Blood day incomprehensible feel his sin in the grave frost yard eye Flash! fleshless scream (sidereal) grasp the twilit head accelerate. Ahead feeling hiss kaleidoscopic heightening. Unendurable. Polyhedronal churned tone pattern dimly sent climax the heightening ascent butt of loose[2] lightly sea-holy unlightened churchly and desire ruins.

Violet! Shadow loom soundclothed majesty countless and lordly. Immensional seduction volume ultramaximised.


Discorporate! Vixen comet cupid comes. No-time: Unbind your mind bend diamonds time lick velvet up far away and afar and a go-go from corporate logo (boin-n-n-n-n-n-g) drifting cloudless; starless…

Arched grove theolithic groove golden salmon to two with the woody owl boughs down rhythming a rhymer to mass true[3]. The other one’s a duplicate!

Shining field vibrates the waveform priestess suns to curved horizon. Climb! Holy form the whirling wondrous triplicate:

The Queenly flux: Descend! Fingal spunk crimson bed the sly secret joy worm howling stormrose bled invisible bee teeth boy on Templest theme tussock (aerial scream, I land) itchy & scratchy catch a witch.  Ancient burning rides melancholic beam rape the returned sun holy scion hill circles wither sins: mindforged sword bled wings on strange angles sings.

Frighthouse fold: her forced green fuse driving the ageing flow flowers to Eternal Light; or the light that never never warms.  Parasitic bankblood state of satanic panic police forever the Nightmare of the Organism: I am the one you warned me of.  Are you loathesome tonight?


Now smell the stench of immortality:  The starres are marching sadly home. The ghosts of night shriek afar and I have seen the meteors of death, so I put a habit on her face when I listen to that Yes song ‘Yours is no Disgrace’, mine is no disgrace. I see nothing! Nothing… the fields in a whirling dance with the trees and long trails of birds traversing the air disturbs my blood and brain but my eyes turned within only see starless and bible black.



[1] Sampled and remixed texts from (in order of appearance): Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno, Blue Öyster Cult, Aleister Crowley, Black Sabbath, Deleuze & Guattari, Melt Banana, Austin Osman Spare, HP Lovecraft, , Arthur Machen, Stewart Home, Algernon Blackwood, Dylan Thomas, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Neil M Gunn, Nimrod33, Om, Bill Drummond, William Blake, William Shakespeare, The Simpsons, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Mr Lahey, St John the Divine, Thomas Ligotti, Coil, Slayer, Current 93, Ossian, Melvins & Foetus, Lautréamont, King Crimson.

[2] Butt of Lewis

[3] True Thomas

Published in 'No More Stars' (Edinburgh College of Art, 2007)

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