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Infernal Methods


Statement & Press Release for solo exhibition at Generator Projects, Dundee, 2006



Secreted and metachanically recovered field notes from sublaminal otherworlds. This is strictly a patagraphic hauntography of proto-mantic motherworlds. Mysteriograms of toposonic radiances are deconstructed, and raptoluminal resonances at residual numinophilic nemeta sites are reiterated in the mycoboreal precincts of the shekinathrone. Holy transcendent phase-inductions and radiant hermetistitial rhizoglyphs embed psychodendral metamorphoses and lucifo-christic liminations in the radial sonodronal hyperfield. Repto-hypnagogic dissonants seeking apocalithic cosmoterrifiers in ancient twilights may bleed thru the hidden door, enfolding phonodemonics nested deep within the blakean fibrillation.  Persist through the torn veil: towards an endohermetic hauntology of the illimitable threshold and beyond, to the sacred commonwealth infernal.

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