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Highland Landscape Aesthetics - Ossianic Sonority and the Sonics of the Unpresentable

PhD thesis, University of Dundee, 2003



Chapter I - Highland Landscape from the Sublime to the Sonorous

Ossianic Sonority

Absence, Repetition and the Infinite

Sonora Celtica

Synergic Synthesis

Chapter II - Pre/Post-Historic Rhizomatic

Discontinuous History

Callanish Rhizome

Chapter III - The Discovery of Highland Landscape

High Places - Dismal, Sacred, and Sublime

Oral Landscape and Sonorous Space

Clan Dendron

New Maps of the Inhuman - Late Classicism and the Cleared Highlands

CHapter IV - Ossianic Sonority

Ossianic Space-Time

The Dwelling Place of the Sonorous - Ossian and the Sound of the Unpresentable

Sonorous and Baroque Tendencies in Runciman's Ossian

Reterritorialising the Highlands - Johnson and Boswell's Tour

Ossian Reverberant

Associative Landscape and Mythic Awareness - Ruskin and Alison in the Highlands

Obscurity and Darkness - Blake and Ossianic Sonority

Chapter V - Mythopoeic Signs and Atemporal Landscape

Myth and Truth in McCulloch's Highlands

Landseer and Balmoralisation

Scottish Pre-Raphaelitism

Hyperborean Modernism - Neil Gunn and William MacTaggart

Chapter VI - Twilight Sonorities

The Hollow Hills - Highland Faeryland

Ossianic Synergy

Bride's Twilight - John Duncan and William Sharp

The Theme Beyond

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